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Strength and Power Testing


We can test the following 8 movements

  • Power Clean

  • Hang Clean

  • Snatch

  • Squat Jump

  • Bench Press

  • Deadlift

  • Squat

  • Medicine ball throw (3kg)

We get the following data for every rep

  • Peak Power

  • Average Speed

  • Peak Speed

  • Average Power

  • Speed after 100ms (acceleration)

  • Distance

  • Peak Force

  • Average Force

  • Total Effort


Then we wack the data into a special program we built especially for you

Then you’ll know

  • What weight you should use if you want to become more powerful (it's usually not what you think)

  • Which exercises are you naturally best at

  • Which exercises do you need to work harder on

  • How do you compare against the group average of others at the club


If you’ve never done some (or all) of those exercises. No problem, it’s a good time to get started. We’ll teach you how to do them

Then you’ll need to train hard over the next few weeks so you can come back and do it again and see how much you've improved.

You get more power -> You get better results -> Your coach is happier -> The club is more successful –> Yay!

My Results


2018    60m     M40   Australian Champion    

2018    100m    M40   Australian Champion    

2018    200m    M40   Australian Champion    

2018    Long Jump M40 Australian Champion   

2018    Australian Masters Championships - Sprint Champion of Champions

2017    60m     M40   Australian Champion    

2017    100m    M40   Australian Champion    

2017    200m    M40   Australian Champion    

2017    400m    M40   Australian Champion

2017    Winner NSW State Masters Weightlifting Championships (94kg class)

2016    60m     M40   Australian Champion    

2016    100m    M40   Australian Champion    

2015    60m     M35   Australian Champion    

2015    100m    M35   Australian Champion    

2015    Winner NSW State Masters Weightlifting Championships (105kg class)



M35    60m              NSW Record                       7.23s

M35    60m              Indoor Australian Record    7.38s

M35    Decathlon     NSW Record                      5407 Points

M40    60m              Indoor Australian Record    7.21s

M40    100m            Australian Record              10.85s

M40    200m            Australian Record              22.03s

M40    200m            Indoor Australian Record   23.53s

M40    400m            NSW Record                      50.33s

M40    60m             Australian Record                7.14s

What is Power?

Power is just co-ordination.

  • It's every muscle fibre firing at that exactly same time to produce a more force at a faster rate.

  • Power training involves improving the relationship between your muscle fibres so they can work together better.

  • If the resistance is too light, not enough muscles fibres get involved. It's a waste of time. Sorry!

  • If the resistance is really heavy the muscle fibres work together well, but they don't learn to do it fast enough.

  • If the resistance is just right, then the muscle fibres work together in the most majestic fashion to produce POWER

Step One: Find your POWER ZONE
We scientifically measure your power to find your Power Zone

This is the weight where you produce most power.

Step Two: Train in your POWER ZONE

This will quickly improve your explosiveness in the gym and on the track

Results are tracked, monitored and constantly tweaked.

Step Three: Improve your DELIVERY SYSTEM

With a sudden increase in power your hips, calves and achilles get hit hard

We anticipate this by proactively strengthening and improving stability