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Reporting - Athlete Run Data

All run data that is saved to our database is reflected in the athletes run data report. This includes training and competition, recovery & return from injury run and grass versus tartan performances

Reporting - Ballistic Ball

Vertical Throw > Rotational Throw > Chest Pass > Vertical Jump

Reporting - A2P Bar Sensei

Attaches to the gym equipment and tracks speed of the bar to combine a unique individual report to assess development

Strength & Conditioning - Ballistic Ball

Used to gather velocity based data during assessments as well as including variation into session

Strength & Conditioning - Resistance Bands

Used dynamically during warm up or as a conditioning session utilising the various band resistance levels

Strength & Conditioning - Gym work

Introduction to the weight room to intermediate activity to preparation for Olympic Lifts


Standing throw, glide, shuffle and rotation drills are provided to athletes keen to learn and do the work


Standing throw, half turn, South African drill with progression into full turn with ARETE pillar system introduced to athletes

High Jump

Scissor and Flop techniques are explored for long term athletic development. Falling from platforms as well as learning to fall

Triple Jump

Left-Left-Right...or is it Right-Right-Left, Hop Step Jump either way


All phases of sprinting from blocks starts, drive & transition to maximum velocity, maintain and finish


Long & Short hurdle distances. Modified starts to include 7-9 stride to first hurdle, drills, race management, technique and finishes

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